CyberProtect: Identity Watch from Fiserv and FMUB

Farmers & Merchants Union Bank is proud to partner with Fiserv to bring you a program that will help protect you from would-be identity thieves, monitor your credit and personal information and much more.

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Plan Includes:

Keystroke Encryption Software

  • Guaranteed to block the capture of keystrokes on any PC or mobile device (Compatible with Windows, Android and iOS)
  • Unlike antivirus which identifies only known catalogued malware, keystroke encryption protects from zero-day (unknown) keylogging malware
  • Ensures privacy for emails and other sensitive information

DarkWeb Scanning

  • Unlimited 24/7 access to Dark Web Scanning
  • Immediate results provide a report of email account(s) found. Helps you stay proactive and up- to- date on the security of your account credentials
  • Provides steps you can take to protect your account credentials from being used to access other sites such as banking and credit cards
    Test Your Email Now!
    Use FMUB's Dark Web Scanner to check if your email address - and other information - has been found exposed in known data breaches. The service is FREE to test your email.

Identity Theft Monitoring

  • Monitors millions of public and private database records to identify possible instances of identity theft, including changes to your personal information like name, address, SSN, and phone number
  • Email and SMS text message alerts notify you about any suspicious activity

Credit Monitoring

  • Provides you with peace of mind that your credit file is being monitored 24/7/365 for new activity
  • Receive alerts directly to your Email account and/or mobile phone, allowing you to review the alert details immediately to reduce your risk exposure
  • Secure online access to review all credit alert details

Fully Managed Recovery

  • Dedicated recovery advocate works on your behalf to perform all tasks necessary to restore your identity
    • Submits disputes on your behalf
    • Criminal investigation assistance and evidence capture
    • Creates law enforcement grade case file
  • Identity Care Account provides a convenient means to track the progress of your identity theft case securely 24/7/365

Identity Theft Policy

  • Restoring one’s name and good credit is a time- consuming and expensive process
  • ID Theft coverage provides assistance and financial relief up to $1 million for stolen funds, identity
    restoration costs, legal defense expenses and lost wages


In addition, business enrollment includes:

Dark Web Domain Monitoring

  • Searches the Dark Web 24/7 for any instances of your company domain and provides alerts.
  • Notifies you each month if no instances of exposure are found

$100,000 Cyber Liability Policy

  • Available to businesses that process card transactions

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This service is available for our business and consumer customers.  There is a fee of $10/month, per business or individual signed up for the service.  Each enrollment requires a separate, unique email address to register.  Joint accounts may sign up for the service, but if both owners wish to receive CyberProtect: Identity Watch from Fiserv benefits, each person needs to register separately. 

For more information about CyberProtect: Identity Watch from Fiserv,
please call us at 920.623.4000 OR Enroll Now!

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